AOC Huile de Provence Label    Gold Medal 2013

Our Olive Farming Property

L o c a t i o n   &   C e r t i f i c a t i o n


Château de Panisse is located in Provence - South of France ; the olive-growing land "par excellence". A territory of light, of sun and of clear skies where the Mistral wind blows and where the cicadas sing; a world of enchantment for both people and nature.

37 acres (15 hectars) of olive trees are planted around the property, a beautiful and picturesque estate from the 15th century.

The location and the quality of the Château de Panisse plantation gratifies our olive oils  F r u i t é   v e r t   andr u i t é   n o i r  with the distinctive “AOC de PROVENCE” label. Our third olive oil, the mono varietal P i c h o l i n e, made with olives from a neighboring grove located in the region Gard, is certified "Huiles d'Olive de France”.


F r u i t é   v e r t    has just been rewarded, in april 2013, a  g o l d   m e d a l  (médaille d'or),  at the 10th " Concours National des Huiles d’Olives de France en Appellation d’Origine - 2013 " !


F a r m i n g   &   P r o d u c t i o n


Quality and quest for excellence are our guidelines since we started the farming activity with passion in 2007.  

There are around 5 000 trees in the orchard, from 4 local varieties of Provence, Aglandeau (64%), Verdale (16%), Bouteillan (9%), Salonenque (8%) and one Italian variety well know for its pollinating virtue, Pendolino. The Olives are harvested manually early in the season.

We have found a great partner, sharing the same values, in the eminent mill of Castelas at Les Beaux de Provence where we bring our fresh olives at the end of every harvest day. The olives are cold pressed and turned into extra virgin olive oil within 24 hours.

We are proud to produce premium olive oils of outstanding tastes, also scoring an exceptional low level of acidity (0,27 free acidity for Fruité vert) together with a high level of Polyphenols (372,6 for Fruité vert).

The production is small sized and exclusive; the last November 2012 harvest resulted in a bit more than 32 tons and 211 cub.ft (6000 liters) of Olive Oil.


D i s t r i b u t i o n   &   P a c k a g i n g


We sell our olive oil under our own label, the registered trade mark Château de Panisse.

The distribution to end consumers in France, is made directly at our property and through our website

Our olive oils are available through various premium packaging offering the best preservation of taste and health benefiting attributes :

  • elegant dark glass bottles (12,6 & 16,9 fl.oz - 500 & 375 ml), 
  • beautiful cans (16,9 & 33,8 fl.oz - 500 ml & 1liter),
  • lovely bag in tubes (101,4 fl.oz - 3 liters) especially suited for exclusive restaurants and massive olive oil consumers.

We are also open to sell lump wise to new business partners.

Moreover, for the past 4 years we have been selected by the renowned Oliviers & Co Company, who distributes our olive oil worldwide under the brand Château de Panisse, with it's own specific packaging.



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View from the square tower